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In its first cyberoperation against Russian trolls, U.S. takes a gentle approach – TechCrunch

Russia has been blamed for shutting down power grids, hacking into critical systems, and more recently launching a massive misinformation campaign aimed at meddling with past and upcoming elections. Now, the U.S. is striking back…

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DHS launches a new cyber hub to coordinate against threats to US infrastructure – TechCrunch

Among the many things the current administration has been criticized for is its lack of a unified strategy to combat cyber threats, especially in light of ongoing election interference and psy ops perpetrated by Russia….

Lessons from cybersecurity exits – TechCrunch

Dear F0und3r: What a month this has been for cybersecurity! One unicorn IPO and two nice acquisitions – Zscaler’s great debut on wall street,  a $300 million acquisition of by Palo Alto Networks and…