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North Korea

With cybersecurity threats looming, the government shutdown is putting America at risk – TechCrunch

Monica Pal is CEO for 4iQ, a cyber intelligence company. Putting political divisions and affiliations aside, the government partially shutting down for the third time over the last year is extremely worrisome, particularly when considering…

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Nexon founder hints at plan to sell his $9B majority share in gaming giant – TechCrunch

The founder of Korea’s Nexon, one of the biggest gaming companies on the planet, today appeared to acknowledge his intention to sell his controlling interest for around $9 billion. The divestment has been a hot rumor after…

Trump’s new cyber strategy eases rules on use of government cyberweapons – TechCrunch

The Trump administration’s new cyber strategy out this week isn’t much more than a stringing together of previously considered ideas. In the 40-page document, the government set out its plans to improve cybersecurity, incentivizing change,…