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Glasswing Ventures closes its artificial intelligence-focused fund with $112 million – TechCrunch

One year after receiving a whopping $75 million commitment to invest in early stage companies applying artificial intelligence to various industries, Glasswing Ventures has closed its debut fund with $112 million.  It’s a significant milestone…

Crypto and venture’s biggest names are backing a new distributed ledger project called Oasis Labs – TechCrunch

A team of top security researchers from the University of California, Berkeley and MIT have come together to launch a new cryptographic project that combines secure software and hardware to enable privacy-preserving smart contracts under…

The electric aircraft is taking off – TechCrunch

Evan Gaj is a mechanical engineering graduate from LeHigh University currently on a Fulbright Scholarship in Warsaw studying drones. In 2008, the electric motor vehicle experienced a rebirth triggered by a rise in oil prices….